"With knowledge there is long life. You are the messengers to other people who have cancer or other chronic diseases, and they're suffering because they don't know. So if you know that there is another treatment that works as good or even beyond the standard treatment, I would encourage you to save their life because that's why I'm here too."

- M.A. Nezami M.D.



Pacific Medical Center of Hope is an integrative medical health care facility that offers advanced, research-based medicine to patients who suffer from all types of medical conditions.  Our mission is to bridge the gap between standard conventional medicine and natural medicine to provide the most effective medical solutions possible.

Pacific Medical Center of Hope is more than just a clinic – it’s a center dedicated to helping patients get their lives back.  It is our passion to provide each patient with well-informed, research-proven treatment plans by using a wide-range of innovative approaches. Each patient’s treatment plan is as unique as the particular patient. We have one goal in mind, your health. We are actively treating patients suffering from all types of  Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Infections, Lyme Disease, Lupus, Neurodegenerative disorders, Multiple Sclerosis and environmental toxicity.

View our testimonials to see what our patients are saying about us. For more specific information about medical treatments or conditions visit our medical treatments and conditions sections of the website. Our clinic is designed to promote wellness by focusing on the biochemically unique aspects of each patient, and then individually tailoring interventions to restore physiological and structural balance.
We attempt to identify the potential auses of the disease and instead of treating the
symptoms, we target the cause by providing the body with essential environment ( substrates and nutrients) that help the body to repair itself. Anti aging and Regenerative Medicine is the field of medicine focused on practicing preventive measures as well as integrative treatment modalities to provide healthy ageing and optimal quality of life.  Regenerative Medicine optimizes the body's endogenous mechanisms of self repair. The concept of integrative, alternative and holistic medicine is respected and scientifically applied in this field. 

We are interested in Hormone replacement therapy, IV nutrients and detoxification, Sports medicine, Treatment of fibromyalgia and depression, Cardiovascular risk stratification and prevention, Metabolic Medicine and related conditions such as diabetes and obesity; and finally we are specifically interested to assist patients who suffer from neurodegenerative diseases such as memory problem and dementia, Parkinsons Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.  Pacific Medical Center of Hope is directed by consulting board certified family medicine graduate of UCSF. He has practiced medicine for over 14 years and has been a national speaker and researcher presented at Society of Teachers in Family Medicine (STFM).  He recently lectured in September this year at Cancer Control Society, an international alternative cancer convention as invited lecturer and presenter. He presented to physicians and other health care providers as well as the public.

 Dr. Nezami believes that health is the outcome of balance and harmony of all organs in the body, for example in order to have a clear mind, all organs in the body have to function in harmony. If you are suffering from environmental exposure to toxins or have endocrine imbalance, your memory will be affected. In otherwords dementia is not an inevitable consequence of ageing-It always has a cause.The early signs of dementia are brain fog, poor short term memory and concentration and difficulty learning or compromise of other cognitive function. If these symptoms are tackled early then progression to dementia may be halted.
If your nutrition is imbalanced your stamina decreases and your immune system is affected. Also you might experience depression by simply lacking the hormones involved in brain function or due to unhealthy nutrition or the lack of amino acids involved in neurotransmitter production in your brain.
 Our mission is to assist as many people as possible to live a high level quality of life. We dedicate ourselves to help expand your awareness and understanding and equip you to make the best health and healthcare choices for you and your family. We provide you an opportunity to invite and expose your family, friends, and co-workers to us and our work to see if we might help meet some of their health needs. This single element has improved many lives over the years as people came for help at a friends encouragement who otherwise never would have. Dr.Nezami speaks on insights and stratagies to expand your health-related quality of life, with a special emphasis upon the Regenerative Medicine.

Dr.Nezami has advanced training and certification in Integrative Medicine, which goes far beyond drugs. Dr.Nezami has become an expert and spoken for years on preventive medicine in variety of settings, including highest levels of educational and medical societies. Additionally, Dr.Nezami has been a national speaker and invited researcher presented in Society of Teachers in Family Medicine and principal investigator at National Institute of Health. Dr.Nezami has appeared numerous times on television and been interviewed about his vision on medicine, integrative and holistic healthcare, and the rampant problem bieng fostered by the lack of public awareness coupled with the mainstream medicine misplaced foucus upon treating the symptoms instead of the cause.

 In this perspective managing chronic degenerative diseases will start from an executive history including family history and genetic testing to determine predispositions and then screening for environmental exposures and identifying potential acquired triggers of the disease.
In other words the unique interaction of genes and the specific living environment makes us individuals deserving individual approaches. This perspective of disease defines the specific customized treatments modified based on every individual needs.

Potentiual modalities of such treatments, available at Pacific Medical Center of Hope, include Heavy metal detoxification, (if there is toxicity based on the labs), Nutritional assessment and evaluation, Bio-Identical Hormone evaluation and treatment, Potential IV treatments and Evaluation of brain neurotransmitters. We also provide integrative, alternative and holistic medicine, Nutritional consultation and Hormonal assessment and bio identical hormone therapies in order to meet the specific needs for every patient. 
We identify the potential sources of exposure to chemicals and toxins in the environment, and quantify the individual's ability to detoxify and we target them with treatments that are uniquely available at our clinic.

In cancer, We do not recommend against conventional treatments, however we provide complementary ways to control and manage the cancer and assist the body to fight with it through different modalities without any toxic and dangerous side effects.

These modalities of treatment include modifying genetic behaviour with IV treatments, Enhancing immune system function with very advanced technologies. These methods of treatment are cutting edge and unfortunately not available at local oncology offices. Most of our labs are not locally available either and they are performed at East coast or Germany. After the results of the tests are back, we come up with a plan of treatment which may include weekley or daily IV therapies.

The other unique feature of this practice is to target the people at RISK for certain disorders. This is possible with risk stratification by genetic testings. For example if you have a relative with diagnosed dementia, you most likely are at risk. Therefore by identifying those at risk and counseling them for the preventive treatments they may benefit many years before they may be symptomatic and most likely too late to intervene. Same is true for other chronic conditions such as heart disease.

We have had very good success in treating neoro degenerative diseases as well as cereberovascular accidents and stroke, in which lack of oxigenation and inflammation play big roles. Same pertains for muscular dystrophy and neuropathies. Our treatments are targeted to lower the inflammation, increase circulation and assist the patient to become functional again.

Most of the physicians while practicing traditional medicine are not quite trained or experienced to provide the above resources of care, including integrative medicine. We use most sophisticated labs in the country that provide individualized reports that are targeted for optimal living. We offer individualized care and counsel patients based on their customized needs. This is the care that is competent, compassionate, collaborative and comprehensive ( 4Cs) that every patient deserves. During the treatment programs patients will receive the most up to dated information along with family to make informed decision about their care. Very soon after the initiation of the program, patients  are expected to experience an improvement in their sense of well being, energy level, performance and stamina, memory and their quality of life. The patient actively is involved in the plan of care and sometimes can access the physician any day he wishes. There is no waiting time, if needed and appointments are scheduled for a minimum of one hour to discuss every concern.
This is new for many patients and certainly different experience compared to 5 minutes ordinary visits that they have had with their primary care most of the time. 

Pacific Medical Center of Hope welcomes referrals from primary care physicians as well as personal referrals.
Most patients are encouraged to maintain their relationship with their primary care physician for continuity of care and crisis interventions. This clinic does not have hospital affiliations and therefore does not provide care for emergency cases, neither primary care.
Please call us for any questions or concerns. We answer them in a timely fashion. Phone calls may also be left on the answering machine to have an answer during the next day that we are at the center.
After discussing your care with our physician you will be advised to make an informed decision about your plan of care and may choose from different programs based on your clinical condition and financial ability. You generally are charged based on the program you are required to enrol and the type of the treatments included in that program.
We accept most of the credit cards, personal checks and cash. Payment is expected at the time of your initial visit. Although we do not file with insurance we will gladly provide you with a form to submit to your carrier if you wish so. Remember, while some insurers will partially or fully reimburse patients for some visits, tests, or therapies, many may not. 
We look forward to meeting and serving you. Contact our centers today at  (559) 475 4300 or (559) 439 5393 to schedule your first consultation.   

Also please refer to www.medhyperbaric.com for information in regards to usage of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, now available at our clinic.

                  Pacific Medical Center of Hope                                                
1680 E. Herndon Ave. Suite # 102
Fresno, CA 93720

Tel: (559) 475 4300 , (559) 439 5393



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