"With knowledge there is long life. You are the messengers to other people who have cancer or other chronic diseases, and they're suffering because they don't know. So if you know that there is another treatment that works as good or even beyond the standard treatment, I would encourage you to save their life because that's why I'm here too."

- M.A. Nezami M.D.

Individualized Care
  The Regenerative Medicine is a field of medicine focused on optimal prevention and treatment of diseases. Practice of anti aging is limited to physicians who are familiar to different aspects of this practice. 
There are a broad spectrum of chronic conditions related to aging process such as memory problem, Alzheimer disease, parkinson, Heart disease and atherosclerosis, Endocrine deficiencies, Osteoarthritis, Obesity and Menopause. Some degenerative process are someway reversible, and that's why this practice is called Regenerative Medicine.

 The Pacific Medical Center of Hope Inc. is designed to promote health and prevent disease and expand the practice in the area of regenerative medicine.  This corporation is directed by a physician (MD) specialized in anti-aging medicine and a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Nezami believes that most chronic diseases are the result of aging of one or multiple organs. The philosophy of treating patient is different in his opinion than the conventional medicine which only may pay attention to specific disease. This new perspective of Medicine is derived from an approach to TREAT THE PATIENT NOT JUST THE DISEASE.

 The importance of this practice is the ability of patient to comprehend the medical management and actively participate in treatment. Dr. Nezami admits that he has been rewarded by tremendous satisfaction from his patients. They are treated as individuals with different physical characteristics that deserve different individual based approaches. The patients are making informed decisions about their care in every step.

 The other significance of this field is to prevent disease or to reverse the disease process when it is potentially reversible. Dr. Nezami's 12 years of practice in medicine has proved to him that compared to the common belief, many of the unpredictable diseases are preventable. 
It is sometimes enough to ask what the patient's family history is and start the preventive treatments there and then. Genetic testing are now also available to identify people at risk. Dr. Nezami mentions that his father died of parkinson's disease and his mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. He says that's enough for me to start preventing these disorders long before it happens. He thinks that there are many ways to help individuals that are considered HEALTHY, but at risk. Everyone in his opinion deserves to be screened and treated accordingly when they are asymptomatic but have risk factors. Cancer as well as other difficultly treated diseases are sometimes identified many years before it manifests itself. He says "it's very frustrating to me when I hear my patients telling me that their doctor is telling them " we don't have an answer" because there is always an answer and it's the physician's responsibility to search for it". We have to learn to LISTEN to the patients, He says. "They always have clues to give us, if we spend time with them".
 "The pathogenesis (cause) of many diseases are similar. There is IMBALANCE in the functionality of organs. Some of theses imbalances are reversible. Many ways exist to bring balance back to the body" He says. He uses conventional medicine which he has been extensively trained along with the regenerative medicine to bring the balance back. "Instead of causing more imbalance by adding new medications, sometimes all you need is to get rid of the unnecessary medicine" He says.  "The most competent physician should help your body to overcome the disease. " The fact that most of the prescribed medications have tremendous side effects contributing to the general morbidities and mortalities should alarm us as physicians to reconsider treating patients with less harmful and more effective natural methods."

 The Anti aging practice simply addresses the aging process which is the end result of the interaction of body with environment. The younger you are, the stronger is your immune system and higher the hormones, and the older you get you are more prone to be affected by diseases. 
 He believes that promoting health is only possible if we constantly provide the body with required nutrition and detoxify from environmental toxins and boost the immune system along with optimizing the natural hormones in a scientific way.

 He gives the example of Diabetes. "This disease is only diagnosed and treated when you are more than 10 years sometimes down the road suffering from Insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome, what some people call it pre diabetes. Now instated of waiting for you to "qualify" for treatment when it's already too late, you can be treated with life style modifications, diet, and supplements, hormonal and nutritional adjustments and never have the honor! to be called diabetic! " That's anti aging, to his opinion,  since it reverses the process of aging of your heart, kidneys and brain by preventing Diabetes.
The optimal function of the body is when you are at your 20s and that's when you have optimal health. As you age, your hormones drop(except insulin and sometimes cortisol) and that may cause aging of the other organs in your body such as heart, brain, and sexual organs. Same is true for Menopause, Andropause, and adrenalopause. 

 Aging can be a disease to his standards, that is preventable and treatable." The goal is to stay young and healthy. Unfortunately the modern life style along with the technology has impacted the people life with higher level of daily stressors and insufficient and unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. This new pattern of living results in dissatisfaction of life, chronic pain and early aging which can lead to heart disease, memory problems, or aging of the brain, obesity, Diabetes and poor quality of life and even early death, if not managed and treated. Therefore you see how anti aging practice can improve the individual quality of life and encourage a greater public health, by providing preventive care. Please take a look at this letter:


1680 E. Herndon Ave . #102
Fresno, CA 93720
(559) 475 4300
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Appointments are made in advance. Please call today to schedule your initial consultation.

We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash.
We also have Care Credit program in which you can pay during flexible payment plans WITHOUT any interest. Insurance coverage may be used for some labs but most of the services are not covered by insurances. We would gladly provide you with a superbill to be submitted to your carrier if requested.

      Dr. Nezami is a graduate of USC and UCSF and a
fellow recognized by the International Academy of
Anti-Aging Medicine.  He is a national speaker and
former researcher in the Society of Teachers in
Family Medicine (Please refer to Biography).

 His areas of interests are preventing aging process
and treating related conditions including, but not
limited to the following:

1.     Dementia and Preserving Memory, Neurodegenerative disorders
2.     Hormone  Replacement Therapy
(Thyroid disorders, Metabolic Syndrome, 
            Adrenal Fatigue, GH, ...)
3.     Sexual Hormone Replacement/ Enhancement
4.     Cardiac Risk Stratification and Modification
5.     Women’s Health and Bio-Identicals 6.     Nutritional evaluation and treatment  of heavy metal toxicity 
7.    Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment

8.    Degenerative Joint Disease interventions

9.    Depression Treatment
10. Digestive and Intestinal Disorders
11.  Diabetes and Insulin Resistance and  Treatment of Obesity/ Weight Loss
12. Autism and ADHD
13. Alternative treatments for Macular Degeneration and eye diseases
14. Integrative Oncology, Alternative treatment and prevention of cancer

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