"With knowledge there is long life. You are the messengers to other people who have cancer or other chronic diseases, and they're suffering because they don't know. So if you know that there is another treatment that works as good or even beyond the standard treatment, I would encourage you to save their life because that's why I'm here too."

- M.A. Nezami M.D.


Diabetes/ Metabolic Medicine

Metabolic diseases are becoming more and more common. Symptoms include obesity, abdominal fat, metabolic syndrome along with hormonal imbalances causing daily fatigue, un-refreshing sleep, brain fog, severe fatigue after exercise, memory loss, irritability, ongoing depression and insomnia.
Abnormal weight and metabolic disease can be a debilitating condition that persists for many years if not properly treated. Most conventionally trained doctors do not have a deep enough understanding of this complex condition to treat it properly. Obesity is a major risk factor for cardiac events and heart attack, Diabetes, Alzheimers disease, and cancer.

At the Pacific Medical Center of Hope we consider the successful treatment of Obesity to be one of our specialties. We have a deep understanding of the many issues involved in this perplexing condition. One reason why this condition is so puzzling is that it often has many causes and the causes are different for each patient. Successfully treating this condition means that the doctor must sort through large amounts of information regarding each individual patient to get to the root causes of the problem. Causes include adrenal gland exhaustion, hidden hypothyroidism, heavy metal toxicity, hidden infections, hormonal imbalances, intestinal yeast overgrowth, and more importantly sedentary life style.

In order to enable our patients to easily comply with their customized treatment plan, we focus on the most important issues first and then work through any remaining issues in a reasonable time span. As you can imagine this takes a lot of skill, time, and dedication. It is for these reasons that mainstream medicine is not well equipped to solve this complicated condition. We have this skill and dedication and are experts in this field.


As you can imagine fat is the storage for all the toxins, and when you lose fat these toxins become more available to other tissues and potentially can deposit in brain or heart if not detoxified. That’s why weight loss can be harmful if not done correctly.We have found that in the majority of cases, heavy metal toxicity (especially mercury) and an unbalanced intestinal system (dysbiosis) are at the root of this debilitating condition. Typically we will focus on these two issues at the outset of your treatment. If these problems are suspected, we may order specific lab tests (urine analysis for heavy metal toxicity and stool analysis for intestinal problems) to verify our suspicions. Any time you lose weight, in any manner, you need detoxification.

Treatment for an unbalanced intestinal system includes getting rid of any overgrowth of unwanted harmful micro- organisms (especially a yeast called Candida Albicans) and replenishing your intestinal system with beneficial bacteria (pro-biotics). We typically use a safe prescription medication and/or an herbal preparation to kill any unwanted guests in your intestinal system. We use a high grade natural oral pro-biotic formulation to re-implant your intestinal system with the beneficial bacteria. This approach has proved very successful.

Hormonal Imbalances

Quite often a person suffering from metabolic disease and obesity will have previously undetected problems in their hormonal (endocrine) system.
The main glands involved are typically the adrenal glands and especially the thyroid gland. Other glands may also be involved in some cases. Most patients coming to see us have been to several doctors with no favorable treatment results. One reason for this is that the previous doctors have missed hormonal deficiencies and/or imbalances in the above mentioned glands.

If these problems are suspected, we will order specific blood tests (for thyroid and other glands) and a saliva test (for the adrenal glands) to accurately pin down any deficiencies or imbalances. These can be corrected in most cases with prescriptions. Usually we see great improvement in the patient’s quality of life when their hormonal system becomes balanced.

Diet, Sleep and Exercise

Eating right and getting enough high-quality sleep are crucial parts of any wellness plan. Almost all patients have some sort of sleep problem initially. We have several safe, natural techniques to get our patients sleeping better and subsequently feeling better. We may check their intracellular minerals through specific labs nationally, which is mostly unfamiliar to primary care physicians and treat accordingly with oral and IV treatments.

We also will give you guidance in how to eat better. A healthy diet is also another critical piece in the journey to optimal health. Appropriate exercise is another crucial piece to any plan for optimal health. The key word is appropriate. Many of our patients are unable to exercise properly when they first see us. However, after we advance them on the road to optimal health, they are then able to partake in a regular exercise program. We are careful to recommend an exercise program that fits the needs and condition of each patient.

Exercise by itself can help changing the body composition. Most of the patients WILL NOT lose weight. What happens is that their body fat turns to muscle, but the net weight stays the same. Exercise can promote secretion of growth hormone which is a major hormone involved in weight. Also testosterone is more active when you exercise, but again life style modifications are far less effective when there is lack of hormones or there is toxicity in the system.

Identification of Inflammation


Most of people think that if you eat less you will lose weight. That is sometimes wrong. It all has to do with what you eat than how much. Your prescribed healthy diet is not always everyone’s healthy diet. One suit can not fit every one and that’s why we practice individualized care.


One issue is the food allergy. There is underdiagnosed food sensitivities causing and triggering inflammation inside the body that eventually results in weight gain. Usually what you like to eat is what you are allergic to!. We test you for these sensitivities before recommending any kind of diet.


Also there is hidden infection that sometimes causes the inflammatory response. We identify the growth of different pathogens inside the intestine by performing a comprehensive stool and blood analysis. Most of patients suffer from Yeast growth and that potentially can cause cancer.


We would integrate all complimentary treatment options for you and we are confident that you will benefit from our program. That said, you need to follow with your primary care physician as well.


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